HW/SW vSphere CSV

Synchronize Labels from multiple datasources to Checkmk


Download & Install

  1. Download Before CMK Version 2.2.0p4:

LabelPicker MKP

Current Version (not compatible to old CMK Versions):

LabelPicker MKP

  1. Enable MKP in Checkmk


  1. Login to Checkmk Site via SSH (as site user!)

  2. Create a inital config file

    labelpicker --init

  3. Customize the configuration according to your needs

    Edit the config file with your favorite Linux editor or a tool like winscp

    vi  ~/etc/labelpicker.yml

Run LabelPicker in Testmode

Shows on which hosts labels are modified, but does not perform any changes

labelpicker -t

Run LabelPicker